Purtse – Estonia's first wind-solar hybrid farm

Enefit Green is building Estonia’s first wind-solar hybrid farm in Lüganuse Rural Municipality, between the villages of Vainu and Matka. The wind farm, with five wind turbines, and the solar farm, with nearly 50,000 panels, will start generating green electricity as early as 2023.

The essence of the Purtse wind/solar hybrid solution is that the same equipment, substation, and interconnection are used to deliver the electricity to consumers. The hybrid farm will also use a single interconnection capacity to supply wind and solar electricity to the grid. This is a reasonable solution, as wind can generate the most electricity from autumn to spring, while the sun can generate the most from spring to autumn. This means that between the two plants combined, electricity production will be more even throughout the year and better use will be made of limited grid resources.

The hybrid farm is projected to produce a total of 78 gigawatt-hours. The wind farm has a capacity of 21 megawatts, the solar farm 32 megawatts. The output of Purtse park is transmitted via the transmission line between Purtse and Püssi to the Püssi substation and from there to the transmission grid.

Enefit Green acquired the Purtse wind farm development project in March 2021. In January 2022, the final investment decision was taken and construction started. The decision to invest in the solar farm was taken by Enefit Green in May of the same year.

Construction of the Purtse hybrid park started in early spring 2022 and the park will start producing electricity in 2023.

Wind farm construction partners

The construction partners of the wind farm are YIT Eesti AS and AS Connecto Eesti.  The wind turbines will be supplied by Vestas Northern Europe.

Solar farm technology and construction partners

The solar farm’s technology partners are SunGrow (inverters), Corab (ground frames), and Yingli (panels). The construction partners are Teearu Grupp and Neith Elekter OÜ.