Construction of the wind farm will start in spring 2022 and the solar farm in early summer.
Purtse park will start generating green electricity in 14 months.

At the start of construction, major preparatory works included clearing and road building on the wind farm site and preparing the foundations. At the same time as the preparatory work for the construction of the wind turbines themselves, the preparation of the electricity connections also began.

Reinforcement of the wind farm foundations and preparations for concreting started in July.

Impacts of construction on everyday life

There are no dwellings in the immediate vicinity of the wind farm and there will be no significant disturbance to local residents in the area of the works.

The most noticeable sign of construction activities is the heavy traffic on Erra-Kõrkküla Road, where we kindly ask you to pay attention. No major traffic rerouting will be required due to the construction, but it may be necessary in the very short term at the time of blade transport. 

Construction timeline

  • Construction of roads and crane yards

  • Start of foundation excavations

  • Start of construction of the solar farm

  • Start of laying foundations

  • Start of transmission line construction

  • Solar farm assembly work

  • Transport of wind turbines

  • Erection of wind turbines

  • Wind farm starts production

  • Testing and fine-tuning period

  • Solar farm starts production

  • Testing and fine-tuning period